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By Life Post College
November 5, 2012 • comment(s)
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Life Post College can be summed up in four words: sarcastic, single, Southern Belle. She adores a good happy hour, stand-up comedy, the outdoors, high heels, SEC football and occasionally her PR job. Follow her blog and check out her rants daily via Twitter @LifePostCollege – as she enjoys #lifepostcollege like any good sorority alumnae would.

Facebook was made with a college student in mind, however First Generation Facebookers are now post grads. As our generation makes its way in to the real world, our attitude and uses for things such as social media outlets like FB should start to move towards a more real world approach. Does that mean Facebook loses it’s fun? No, it means the FB party continues post grad style with a little less fake and a lot more real.

1. Friending: During your college days it was sort of mandatory to friend and pretend to be friends with everyone, however post college you should choose more wisely as this is the time people start keeping a tally of your real world reputation. Drinking terms may better help explain – in college you purchased Taka and post college you purchase Grey Goose. Please also keep in mind that Facebook is not an online dating website, therefore do not friend a random and expect a marriage proposal next month. It’s called Match.com and being extremely creepy.

2. Unfriending: Graduating should be a sort of “Spring cleaning” for some areas of your life. Examples of this include ridding yourself of prized shacking T’s and unfriending those college “friends” you will happily never come in contact with again (don’t kid yourself, we all have these). This new found talent should remain with you always – people continue to change. As a rule of thumb, if you wouldn’t bother speaking to them in public and they have nothing but nasty things to say about you then they are not your friend offline and therefore should not be your friend online.

3. Poking: As we get older we are said to get wiser, however this is unfortunately not true for everyone. Poking has never been a hip flirting method and no one comes out of a poking war alive. So let’s revert to our kindergarten days and please just learn to keep our “Facebook hands” to ourselves. If you feel the urge to poke someone, perhaps try texting or calling them first.

4. Tagging: By this time, hopefully, most of us have jobs. If not they probably found out through Facebook that you were a raging alcoholic still living your college years like no other. Everything uploaded on to FB is owned by FB (and any other applications you give access to your account). With this being said, if someone takes a photo of you doing the dirty then you shouldn’t act surprised when you’re tagged. Not happy? Untag. However as the “mature college grads” we have grown in to, we should all begin to be more sensitive towards our friends’ careers and families.

5. Privacy: Unless you just crawled out of a beer can or from under a real heavy rock, you have realized you can tailor your profile so that certain aspects are hidden only from certain users. So quit with the sketchy vibes by holding off adding your parents and old professors – they dedicated their lives to you and you owe them a few beer bonging photos with some skin. If you can’t show anything on FB while you nose around everyone else’s profile digging for dirt – get off.

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Amanda Ebokosia's picture

Love the lede to this. This is so true. Great post, Life Post College.