The Quickest Way To Become More Popular With The Boss

By My Honest Answer
August 29, 2013 • comment(s)
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There is one thing you can do, right now, that will make all the difference to how you get on at the office (and in life). What is this simple solution? 

 Be cheerful. 

 I don't mean a faux smile, and an 'isn't everything wonderful!' attitude, even when everything clearly isn't wonderful. Perhaps instead of 'be cheerful', what I really mean is: 'don't be grumpy'.

  Think about it: no-one likes a whiner. 

When you're the boss, there is nothing worse than dreading asking someone to do something. Because firstly, they're going to make you feel bad for asking them. But secondly, it's their job! You're not asking them to do you a favor. And that leads to thirdly - it makes you doubt your abilities as a leader, because as the boss, this should be easy, right?

 The thing is, when you make the boss doubt their abilities, they don't thank you for it. They blame you for it. 

Take two (mythical) employees. 

Employee One is excellent at their job, but complains endlessly. They complain about the volume of work, the type of work, and then, when it's quiet, they complain about the lack of work. They complain about the speed of their computer, the number of times the phone rings, their spouse, the weather... you get the idea. They complain a lot. 

Employee Two is average at their job, but they accept tasks willingly, and just get on with it. When they have a genuine gripe, yes, they bring it up, but moaning isn't their default setting. 

So, you need to delegate some work. 

Taking it to Employee One will go like this: you ask them to do the work, they look at you like you just kicked their puppy. They probably imply that it's not really their job to do this, or this extra work is an imposition. You leave feeling bad for making them feel bad, and then even worse that they made you feel bad. They are your employee, they should do their work as it is assigned to them! After much whinging, employee one turns in good work. 

Taking the same work to Employee Two goes like this: you ask them to do the work, they say, 'sure, I'll give it a go!'. They ask questions about things they're not sure of, but they're willing to give it a try. When they hit a stumbling block, they ask you about it, but they don't present it as a problem - just as something new they need to learn. The work is fine, but there are a few things that need changing. You thank them for a job well done, but ask them to make the alterations. They do it. 

Which would you prefer, as the boss? A job well done, but that made you feel bad, or a job well done in the end, that made you feel good? 

Bosses are people. They're not just looking at results, they're looking at how much effort and trouble it took them to get those results. Sometimes, you don't need to be the best. You just need to be the most willing. 

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