Yoga, Meet Finance: Applying Ancient Teaching to a Modern World

Christa Avampato is a product developer in the mobile space, yoga teacher, and freelance writer. She is the Founder of Compass Yoga, a nonprofit that provides wellness programming to non-traditional populations with mental and physical health...

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E-X-P-A-N-D Your Life: Rid Yourself of the Miscellany

Recently, while helping a client organize her financial records, it became quickly obvious most of her records were filed under Miscellaneous. A car repair receipt – miscellaneous file. Power bill receipt – miscellaneous file. Junk mail...

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Lose Money and Still Be Happy

I stumbled across a great story today that suggested we should take our eyes off our stocks and instead focus on things that we actually can change. Truer words never spoken (about our bank accounts at least).

Though all...

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Why Some Women Struggle with Finances (and what to do about it)

Women have a lot of pressure on them when it comes to finance. Robert Pagliarini sat down with Liz Davidson CEO and Founder of Financial Finesse to dig into the topic of women and finance. And why women struggle with finances. Check out...

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