Out of 168 hours in a week, I spend my time on that?

My full-time job, career, or passion (as some, including me, often describe it), is running a successful outdoor boot camp operation. I'm also a certified personal trainer, running coach and nutrition guideline planner. For the most part, the...

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Advice--So Easy to Give, So Hard to Take

Daughters.  I never thought about them being such complex creatures, especially when my only experience of the concept was the role I was in.  And my role as daughter didn’t seem all too complex.  Being the middle child, I was of...

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Children Don't Have to Kill Your Career (or Vice Versa)

Why should your job dictate your life? I saw a recent study which said that nearly half of all women scientists...

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Book Review » The First 90 Days

If you just started a new job (or ever plan on moving into a new role within or outside your current company) - stop everything, and pick up this book. I have used this book as a road map for the first 90 days on the job in ...

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Wake Up. It's the Best Stress Reliever!

Years ago, early in my career, I moved to Dallas for a new job. I knew no one in the city, but according to me, this was the job that would propel my career into the heights of executive-ness. I jumped in feet first so I could get the...

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The Gift of Organization

With the gift-giving holidays right around the corner, some familiar thoughts come to the minds of parents all across the nation. What happened to all of the toys we bought them last year?  Do they even play with any of them?  When my...

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Me, Myself and Baby - Finding You, While Becoming Mommy

This is a continuation from Part 1, The Decision to Stay Home: 

 Some helpful tips to make sure you're finding yourself...

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Me, Myself, and Baby - The Decision to Stay Home

When I was teaching, my students knew, when they walked into my English class there would always be a topic on the board for them to begin writing about. There was one in particular which I loved: “Imagine that you’ve lost your most precious...

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Men at Work, and How (I Hope) My Son Won't Be Like Them

Ok, so I always knew an 80-hour work week was difficult, but doing it while pregnant is way worse. Doing it when trying to get comfortable at your desk is next to impossible. But, enough of my griping...

Not too long ago I found out I...

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