How To Create A Kick Ass Facebook Cover Photo

By Julia Campbell
October 9, 2012 • comment(s)
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Facebook launched the Timeline layout for profiles in December 2011, with the promise that the Timeline format would eventually be mandatory for Profiles across the board. Many individuals have already taken advantage of the new Facebook “real estate” and some have gotten very creative.

Three of my favorite individual Profile Cover photo examples are below:

On March 30, Facebook rolled out Timeline for Facebook Business Pages.  Ready or not, your Page is going to get this new design! 

The key feature of the new Timeline design is the Cover Photo – the first thing you see when you visit a Facebook Business Page.

A Cover photo is 852 pixels wide by 315 pixels high and can be used to convey a lot of information about a business or organization. Use it wisely and creatively and you and your online community will be pleased with the results!

Four of my favorite Covers created Facebook Business Pages are below:





Best practices for your Cover photo:

  • Think of it as a billboard. Billboards by nature cannot be text heavy because people only spend a second looking at them. Cover photos, like billboards, have to immediately grab your attention and compel you to click around the page to learn more.
  • Cover photos are a great way to get your business to translate your key messages into visuals. Visuals are everything, especially in this digital age, and all brands need to be thinking more in terms of eye-catching photos than reams of boring text.
  • If you have the budget, invest in some unique graphics from a professional designer. A professional design will undoubtedly help you stand out from the pack.
  • Mix it up. It is very easy to change your Cover photo, and I suggest having a few on rotation so that your Page doesn’t get stale.
  • Put a watermark on every image. This is a good idea in general due to the ease of sharing images digitally.
  • Follow Facebook’s strict guidelines for Cover photos! Cover photos cannot include any pricing information; contact information (website, email, phone); references to Liking the page; or “calls to action” such as Purchase now, Tell your friends, etc.
  • Using these new guidelines, you should be thinking “How can I awe my customers with this image?” rather than “How can I use this photo to sell stuff to my customers?”

How to create your Cover:

  • John Haydon has a great “how-to” article and template for easily creating a Facebook cover.
  • There are third party applications like myFBcovers and CoverCreator that will use your images to create a snazzy Cover photo.
  • If you have the skills, there’s always PhotoShop!


Have you created a Cover for your Facebook Page or Profile? Do you have others that you would like to add to my list? Please post in the Comments section or email – Thanks for reading! 


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