About Glass Heel

My name is Molly and I love to write about life and business (and whatever else I want to).
My life used to revolve around a 9-5 managing communications for a Fortune 500 top US bank. Then one day, without much of a plan in place, I walked down a hallway and told some important people "I'm so over this."  

Some of the best things in life happen when you go with your gut. 

Today, I've got my dream job as the co-founder of HAUL, an early stage startup that connect online celebrities on YouTube with brands wanting to reach new audiences. I also co-built Word Candy Co, a match-making service for brands or agencies looking to hire freelance writers for any project you can dream up. 

Glass Heel is my personal blog with the occasional guest blogger appearance. You'll also find bits of Molly all over the interwebs, like on Forbes, Huffington Post, Chicago Tribune, CEO.com, that stuff. 

If you've made it here because you're looking for career coaching or want to work with me in some other aspect, you can shoot me a note at molly (at) glassheel.com. I read all my email, but can't promise I'll get back to you quickly...there's lots of it. 

Some pretty talented people periodically stop by to contribute on the site. Here they are...