Little Fish, Big Pond: Am I Obsessed With My Phone?

By Melissa Lawhorn
October 2, 2012 • comment(s)
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I recently read Dana Dillard's article about text anxiety (which is totally a real thing!) and I nodded my head, thinking that I do each and every thing listed in the article. Then, I started reading her suggestions on how to stop the epidemic that has become texting… and, wait… did she just suggest to turn my phone off? But… then how would people get in touch with me? How would I check my email, Twitter, and Facebook? What if someone calls me?

Cue panic. Really. Even the thought of turning my phone off made me upset. A ridiculous notion, but hey, I’m being honest here. Realizing how distraught I was at the thought of turning my phone off, I started to take stock of exactly what I would be without if it was off.

Currently on my phone, I get phone calls and texts coming from two phone numbers. I have five email addresses running through my inbox. I have three Twitter clients with seven accounts signed in. I have the Facebook app, with my personal page plus two internship pages. I also have a few other apps that I use but not as frequently (foursquare, YouTube, Pinterest, and Get Glue, to name a few). That’s a lot of stuff to be constantly watching!

To think that turning my phone off would cause me to miss so much made me wonder: am I really that obsessed with my cell phone? I can’t think of the last time I left the house without it. So maybe I am obsessed… I mean, I definitely have text anxiety so a full on obsession isn’t that big of a leap.

But I can’t be the only one… to help identify if you are cell phone obsessed, I’ve made a list of my top five Ways to Know You’re Obsessed With Your Cell Phone.

1. The first thing you do in the morning (after snoozing your alarm, of course) is check your messages and social networks.

2. You go on dinner dates and find yourself tweeting that person from across the table.

3. You have more than three chargers for your phone, all left at various locations just in case of emergency throughout the day.

4. You, like I, have a screen protector, case, and wristlet to carry your phone to keep it locked up like Fort Knox, because just imagine if you dropped it and it broke.

5. You find yourself checking your cell phone while also using your laptop… to check the same thing.

Okay, that’s my list. I may or may not be guilty of all of the above. Give me a little comfort in knowing I’m not the only crazy cell phone lover and leave a comment below telling me how you know you’re obsessed with your phone.

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Dana's picture

Love this article...I am so in the same boat thus my need to write about it. Like I said, I wish I practiced what I preached. So what do we do about this addiction? It takes away from so much sometimes. Good job. I am guilty to all of those above and then some. But I am really trying to work on it : )