Unpredictable Life? Try Prayer.

By Tova Sido
December 15, 2011 • comment(s)
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I have had something on my mind a lot lately.  Prayer.

Honestly, I don't know how people in this world get along without it.  Whether I am experiencing exceptionally good or bad times-I am all over prayer. In the bad times I need help, and in the good times.......I can't help but say thank you - and please, please, please........let it last.

I remember when I was about 8, I was visiting my aunt in Florida.  Flying on a plane all by myself.  I prayed and prayed and prayed for weeks before that I would sit by someone who was nice - and there wouldn't be any turbulence during the flight.  The day finally came for me to board that plane. I sat next to a girl my age who happened to be flying alone too. Turbulence free, we sat there and played cards and sipped on Sprite the entire flight.  I couldn't have been happier.  I knew God had answered my prayers.  And I was His forever.  I believed that He knew me, He loved me, that I was His child that He really did care about.

Tonight I was at the Festival of Carols at our church.  The youth choir sang the most beautiful song......Will We Know Him?  It's a beautiful song that talks about the birth of Christ.  Here is this King....Jesus, who was born. And even though He is born in lowly manger, when we see the star - and this tiny little baby - will we know Him when He comes?

I love that song. I love how humble Christ was. How sweet and unassuming He came. How precious and beautiful He lived......and how courageous and selfless he died.  It's amazing how little He required - and yet how impactful He was.  I mean think about it - this one beautiful person changed everything for everyone for forever.

I couldn't help hearing that song tonight, asking myself the same question........Would I know Him?  If Christ was here - if He came and stood before me - walk among us - Would I know?

Would you?

I think it's easy to think about "back then".  I mean OF COURSE if I was alive "back then" - when Christ was here - I would know Him.  I would follow him.  I wouldn't deny him.  You would too.  Right???

Really?  Would I?  Would you?

How would we know that it's REALLY Him? That He was worth listening to?  Knowing?  Following?

Back to prayer.......

It seems to me that one of the precious gifts that Christ gave us to KNOW him is through prayer.  I believe with everything inside me that this is truly a way to KNOW that Christ is there. That He listens, cares, answers.

I think a lot of us think we know Christ, want to know Christ, hope to know Christ - but how many of us PRAY to know Christ.  Beg for His presence in our lives.  ASK for Him to help us along our way. Plead for His spirit to help us, guide our path.

Because of your relationship with Christ - Would you know Him if He came?  Would you fall to your knees like the wise men?  Bringing gifts for the King that came as a poor baby in a barn??

I hope I would. I hope that my life reflects a desire to know Christ. I would hope that because of my persistent reflection and love for Christ that if He came again - regardless of where or how - that I would know Him.  Worship Him.  Cry out to Him.

Prayer is such a gift. It is such a necessary gift that I feel we often miss.  Miss an opportunity to see God in so many beautiful ways........

My gosh He loves us.  And believe it or not, He really knows you and really loves you.  I have to believe that He desires for us to know and love Him in the same way.  I think that prayer is a gift He gave us to fill that desire.  To bless us in unbelievable ways.  Help us in this crazy world along our unpredictable paths.

I encourage you to use it.  Take advantage of this precious, precious gift our Savior gave us.  Prayer WILL change your faith.  WILL bring you more peace.  WILL help you see your Savior in your life - blessing you along your path.

I have experienced it in my own life.  I have seen Christ move mountains in my life.  No question I have seen Him. 

I desperately pray for you to believe that Christ wants the same in your life.  For you to.......know Him.

After ten years in corporate America, Tova Sido is proud to be the Director of Youth Ministry atHighland Park United Methodist Church. An avid runner and yogi, she loves to spend time outdoors and tries hard to never miss an opportunity to say, "I love you". Tova lives with her husband and three kids in Dallas.


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