By Megan Minutillo
December 5, 2012 • comment(s)
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You stole the person that I loved.


You stole the man that promised me the world. You.

You took away the life that was promised to me.

He promised me babies and white picket fences.  But you didn’t even know that, did you? Because you don’t know me.You didn’t even know me.You didn’t even know my name.I was inconsequential to you; what kind of woman ARE you?You didn’t care; you just had your sights set on your goal…my man. MY man. Mine. Because sweetheart, he was mine before he was yours.  Before you established a relationship based on deceit, well, there was one of love and honesty and genuine support. Genuine. Don’t think your efforts are lost; everyone with a brain sees what you are doing.

 I can’t be mad at you for taking him, for if he was truly mine, he wouldn’t be mine for the taking, would he? No, he wouldn’t.  At least that’s what I tell myself. But…you….you didn’t care. You didn’t care at all. You didn’t care that he was hurting, or that I was hurting, you just saw an opportunity…and you took it.

That, to me, is disgusting.

You have pried on the misfortune of others.

You have used your own heartache as a means to get a beau.

And that, my dear, is disgusting. 

I would never trap someone. I would never bait someone.  Call me old fashioned, but I believe that when we love, it’s true and honest and real.

It’s not fabricated to make our own losses feel more significant…

And that it what you have done.

YOU have destroyed lives in the process of making yourself whole.  YOU have hurt people. YOU have wounded people.  YOU have evoked sadness on others.  YOU. Nobody else.  Not him or I, but you.

You have caused my sadness.You have caused his guilt.Not him or, but you.


So I hope you’re happy.

I hope your guardian angel can look down on you, and say I know she doesn’t mean it.  I hope your guardian angel can look down and say, she didn’t mean to ruin love, she didn’t mean to come between two people. I hope your guardian angel can argue that you have been raised to know better…

Because quite frankly my dear, you’re just a monster.

And you’re the worst kind of monster.

You’re the kind of monster who parades around like they are some sort of savoir. 

You know.  You’ve been there.  Nobody else can share the bond that you’ve created.

But, my dear, I know your secret.

Deception. Evil. Wickedness…it’s one in the same…and it’s all in you.

It. Is. All. In. You.

You, are a horrible girl. And I am mortified that we share the same gender.


Because, despite everything, I know that you will deny the wickedness that lies within you.  Nobody ever admits their faults, do they? But oh, you and I know that the position that you are in has nothing to with your worth, it has to do with you acting abilities.  It has to do with your manipulative abilities.  You have drawn a cloth over everyone’s eyes, and they will not see the reality until it is too late. 


I forgive you.

I forgive you for stealing my love.I forgive you for stealing my life.I forgive you for stealing my air.I forgive you for stealing my heart.

YOU. Took. It. All. 

You have heart a fellow woman more than words can describe. You have killed a part of my soul and heart that I can never can get back. 

Did you hear me? 

I can never get it back. What you TOOK from me, I can never get back.


You have robbed me of something so precious, so rare, and so pure…

You have wounded me beyond repair.

I will wear this scar forever, and it is your fault. 


Shame on you. SHAME. ON. YOU.

You broke so many girl codes when you did this.  You broke so many codes of ethics, of conduct, of life.

You tried to steal another woman’s man…

 …and you won.

I hope you’re proud.  I hope you’re happy. I hope you look over your shoulder every single time you kiss him; I hope you look over your shoulder every single time you embrace.  Because, you know, in you heart, that he is not yours. He will never be yours.  Eternalize that.  Stomach it.  It is what you have created.

But, I forgive you.

I was raised to know better.I was raised to know right from wrong.I was raised to know that you are wrong in what you do, you were wrong in the actions that you do….and yet…

I cannot fix the malfunction in you.I cannot fix the deception in you.I cannot fix the evil in you,And I cannot fix the wickedness.


I can forgive you.So, I do.  I forgive you. 

I forgive your wrongdoings.  I forgive your evil nature.  I forgive the wickedness that exists within you.

I forgive you, and I hope he’s worth it. 


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