We’re on a lifelong journey to run the world in our proverbial heels. You control the outfit, the environment, and the attitude, which gives you the greatest sense of accomplishment for YOUR life and career. To be sure, these things will never control you.
— Molly Cain, Founder of GlassHeel

We Believe We CAN Do Anything, But Not Everything

GlassHeel was launched in 2011 with the mission to inspire women to run the world in heels. Over the years, we’ve taken a vocally lighter stance on the way this mission overlooks the men who have supported our careers and inspired our confidence along the way. So we love and celebrate the thousands of men who are woven into the fabric of our lives, hire us, promote us, mentor us, fight for us, torment us and challenge us.

We adore and seek to honor with healthy competition, positive reinforcement, constructive criticism and often necessary blind and unbending support, for the fellow females who also honor us for our ambition. We’re candid and aware that women are our fiercest audience, and we give it, but we give it up too. And have the presence of mind to support even in our own moments of frustration, jealousy or fear. GlassHeel is the ground on which any man or woman that doesn’t steal ideas, money or energy, can stand — and the microphone from which they can ask for help, support, grace, or a high five when some really great was gotten.

GlassHeel is especially observant and thankful for the challenges — whether human, environmental or mental —ambitious women and men face every day in our journey through life. There isn’t an end, if we do it right. So as we reach for and redefine the ever-moving finish line of “success” at home and at work, we savor the celebrations, closures, survival moments, and even the decision to simply wake up refreshed willing try again tomorrow… because they make the trip that much sweeter.

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